200ml Water-based Anal Lubricant Gel

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  • 200ml Anal Lubricant Gel Water-based
  • 200ml Anal Lubricant Gel Water-based
  • 200ml Anal Lubricant Gel Water-based
  • 200ml Anal Lubricant Gel Water-based

Required for safe!

Required for pleasure!

Use Love Monogatari before your exciting sex!


Love Monogatari Lubricant, a safe lubricant with high quality, helps you to solve all the worries from behind. 100% condom compatible, and excellent lubricated pleasure especially for the anal area, water based, crystal clear transparent, moisture, non-fat, fitted PH value.



ISO9001 quality system certificate.

Water-based, no stimulation, no any uncomfortable feeling when used, non-greasy, no residue, easy to clean. Refreshing and comfortable, long-lasting lubricating effect, enhance the please of the couple, easing the discomfort caused by vaginal dry, vaginal looseness, inadequate secretion. It can be used with all kinds of condoms and men and women comfortable machine at the same time.



Deionized water, EDTA Na2, methylparaben, hydroxyethyl cellulose, glycerine, hyaluronic acid, etc.


Usage instruction:  

Squeeze the lubricant out to the skin near anal area or to the penis, accommodate the dosage according to self-situation, 100% condom compatible.  



This product is only for external use. Do not swallow, or contact with eyes. Place it out of the reach of children and pets. Woman in menstrual and pregnancy period is forbidden to use. Please stop using it if any discomfort or irritation appear.



Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunshine and high temperature.


Product shelf life:

36 months